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We cannot expect of others what we are not willing to expect of ourselves

Introductory Session

Curious to begin your coaching journey? 

Book a free introductory session to get started today. 

Coaching 1-1 Session

Individualised…for the individual that you are. 

Unlock the potential that is within you, to live a life of well-being and flourishing. 

ADHD Coaching

Understanding ADHD as a unique brain wiring, that manifests as strengths and weaknesses, empowers an individual. Gain awareness how ADHD can catalyze and how it can impede progress, in all areas of life, and how to build effective strategies to advocate for and manage ADHD.

Resilience Training 

Bounce Back Better ® is a resilience training program aimed at enhancing your natural resilience and providing a sense of personal mastery over your life. Research shows that resilience is a teachable and buildable mindset and skillset. 


Uncover the sixteen building blocks of mental, emotional, physical and social skills of resilience and to use them in real time to master your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

  • Learn what resilience is and why it matters

  • Tap your existing resilience and give it an upgrade 

  • Understand how adversities are essential to success 

  • Learn to redirect stress before it becomes distress

Group Coaching

Offered in small groups of 3-8 individuals, group coaching facilitates your personal growth to being your authentic self. Individual goals are uniquely explored through this shared sense of community and common themes. 

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