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A Mindful and Connected Being Comes Through Intention and Modelling

Linda's expertise is driven by her passion of the parent-child relationship and the interplay of nurture vs nature.


Linda is the founder of BU4U Coaching and author of a children's book series. As a certified Family, ADHD and Resilience Coach, she works with adults, children, adolescents and families. Through stories, coaching, workshops and Positive Psychology resources, Linda commits her passion to spread the art of human flourishing and the science of happiness and well-being. Using evidenced-based techniques and applications, she journey's with you in curiosity with freedom of judgement. 


As parents and adults, we shape the future through how we shape our children, from one generation to the next generation. The parent-child relationship, although extremely demanding and challenging, is extremely rewarding and influential in how the parent grows and how the child grows. This continues to reflect in our thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs.

Supporting your WHY to be WHO you want to be, so you can get to WHERE you want to get. Find your authentic self as you commit to BU4U so can BU4Them.

We cannot expect of others what we are not willing to expect from ourselves.


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