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A Mindful and Connected Being Comes Through Intention and Modelling

Our expertise is driven by the parent-child relationship and the interplay of nurture vs nature, into adulthood.

Linda is the founder of BU4U Coaching and author of a children's book series, Blooming Petals. As a certified Family and Individual Life Coach, she works with adults, children, adolescents and families. Through coaching, stories and workshops, Linda commits her passion to spread the art of human flourishing and the science of happiness and well-being. Using evidenced-based techniques and applications, she journey's with you in curiosity and exploration as you connect to the person you want to be, in a relationship or in a career. 

Supporting your WHY to be WHO you want to be, so you can get to WHERE you want to get. Find your authentic self as you commit to BU4U and be the change you want to see.

We cannot expect of others what we are not willing to expect from ourselves.


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