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All You Need Is
Within You 

Leaning into purpose, families and individuals are supported to support each other, individually and collectively. Through evidence-based approaches in positive psychology and the science of happiness, you will empower yourself as you define your pathway towards purpose, meaning and balance - a life-long skill.

Meet Linda

Family and Life Coach 

Through empathy, intuition, knowledge and leadership, you will be guided and supported towards self-empowerment and balance so that you show up for yourself in your own life, and in your interpersonal relationships, personally and professionally.

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What is Your WHY?

Life is hard but it is also beautiful. We all seek fulfilment yet, find ourselves overwhelmed and stuck. You have it within you to live the life you seek and to be the person that you want to be, but you need the desire to take full personal responsibility.

Working with a coach, you will ultimately empower yourself as you define your pathway towards purpose, meaning and balance. You will create boundaries and confidently reach clarity in your vision and goals. Working through the biases, responsibilities, obligations, and expectations that you have created, you will develop sound strategies to overcome your own limitations, be they in a relationship or in a career.

You will gain an understanding of how you may be in your own way, and the power of self-reflection with constant forward moving, manageable steps. Never lose sight of where you are, where you want to be, and how best to manage yourself and your relationships, to work cohesively towards continuous action and growth.

Throughout, you will have a safe, non-judgemental space, to explore and be curious as you learn about yourself and make life for yourself and those around you, one of personal fulfillment and interpersonal connection. Empowering yourself is a gift that spreads outward because when you nurture yourself, you can nurture anything that comes your way.


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